About us


We recognise that diversity and difference are strengths that enrich our organisation and help us to deliver services that meet the needs of our local communities. We employ a diverse range of people and want to make Southend Hospital an inclusive workplace where all our staff can thrive and develop. Having happy, engaged staff helps us to provide the best possible care for our patients and service users.

Some of the things we do to make this happen include:

  • We provide our staff with equality and diversity training, which helps to ensure that they have a good understanding of diversity and that our recruitment and selection processes focus on employing the best person for the job based on their skills and abilities. 
  • We have a dignity and respect policy which sets out our expectations of how our staff behave at work and which is clear about our zero tolerance approach to bullying, discrimination and harassment.  

We ask all patients, staff and visitors to: 

  • Respect everyone's individuality - any offensive discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Avoid prejudice and stereotyping.
  • Become more accepting of other ways of life, cultures, and beliefs.
  • Don't tolerate any form of discrimination, where possible - challenge it, record it, report it! 

We review our staff survey data every year and take action to improve staff experience. 

We recognise that everyone has different commitments in their personal lives and have a flexible working policy which has been open to all staff for many years.  

If you are interested in working for an organisation which is committed to improving the working lives of its staff and supporting them through their career progression, please click here for more information.