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Inspection and monitoring

The bodies involved in the monitoring and/or inspection of our services are:

Audit Commission www.audit-commission.gov.uk 

British Psychological Society www.bps.org.uk  

Child Protection Teams  

Healthcare Commission www.healthcarecommision.org.uk  

National Confidential Enquiries  

Coroner's Offices  

Counter Fraud and Security Services www.cfsms.nhs.uk  

Audit Commission www.audit-commission.gov.uk  

Environmental Health offices  

Essex County Council  

East of England Strategic Health Authority www.eoe.nhs.uk  

General Medical Council www.gmc-uk.org  

Health and Safety Executive www.hse.gov.uk  

Health Service Ombudsman www.ombudsman.gov.uk  

Health Professions Council www.hpc-uk.org  

Home Office Mental Health Unit www.homeoffice.gov.uk  

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency www.mhra.gov.uk  

Mental Health Act Commission www.mhac.trent.nhs.uk

National Clinical Assessment Authority www.ncaa.nhs.uk  

National Patient Safety Agency www.npsa.nhs.uk  

NHS Estates www.nhsestates.gov.uk  

NHS Litigation Authority www.nhsla.com  

Nursing and Midwifery Council www.nmc-uk.org

Useful Resources  


This is the Information Commissioner's web site  


This is the website for the Lord Chancellor's Department  


This is the web site for the Department for Constitutional Affairs  


This is the NHS Freedom of Information web site  


NHS Openness Code - www.doh.gov.uk/nhsexec/codemain.htm  

FOI Act 2000 - www.legislation.hmso.gov.uk/acts2000/2000036.htm  

FOI Act 2000 Explanatory Notes - www.legislation.hmso.gov.uk.acts/en/2000en36.htm  

Code of Practice under Section 45 FOI Act 2000 - www.lcd.gov.uk  

Code of Practice under Section 46 FOI Act 2000 - www.lcd.gov.uk