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Requests and responses 2011

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Please be aware that although the information in these pages was accurate at the time of publishing, it may not be now, and should not be relied upon.

001 Ultrasound scans to detect the gender of the foetus13 kb

002 Quality Assurance for inspecting surgical instruments for sterility13 kb

003 Which benchmarkings ystem does the Trust use26 kb

004 Charges for products supplied to GPs13 kb

006 Year end costs and accounts15 kb

007 Car Parks15 kb

008 Use of Locum or Agency Doctors13 kb

009 Access to Health Records13 kb

010 Union Officials13 kb

011 Immunology Drugs33 kb

012 Lease Vehicles18 kb

014 Urology Average Length of Stay and Readmissions18 kb

015 Provision of Non Medical Services18 kb

016 Obesity in the Under 16s18 kb

017 Information Governance Staffing17 kb

018 Anaesthesia Agents15 kb

019 Trust Staff Structure25 kb

020 Stroke and or Atrial Fibrillation SPAF14 kb

021 Energy Lighting Patient Turnover and Beds Numbers20 kb

022 Maternity Wards15 kb

023 Under 18s Mental Health Problems due to Drugs13 kb

024 Hip Operations using DePuy ASR Products13 kb

025 External Providers for Patient Care13 kb

026 Clinical Negligence Claims Maternity14 kb

027 Maternity Units13 kb

028 Children Admitted to Hospital due to Drugs and Alcohol18 kb

029 Drugs Stolen or that are Missing or Unaccounted for17 kb

030 Drugs errors19 kb

031 Government Procurement Cards12 kb

032 Smear Tests for females under 25 years of age17 kb

033 Commissioning for Quality and Innovation CQUIN indicators22 kb

034 Staff Gardening Leave Suspended with Pay and Long Term Sick20 kb

035 Myocardial Infarction72 kb

036 Mixed Sex Accomodation Breaches16 kb

037 Intensive Care Ventilators18 kb

038 MDT Coordinators and Lead Clinicians13 kb

039 Overseas Recruitment12 kb

040 MDT Coordinators13 kb

041 ICT Budget and Spend Information48 kb

042 Renal IT Systems12 kb

043 Diabetes Services and Prescribing12 kb

044 Business Plans and Prescribing Formulary13 kb

045 Dental Services19 kb

046 Miscarriages12 kb

047 Births and Maternity Complaints17 kb

048 Ricketts in Children15 kb

049 Emergency Contraception13 kb

050 Services and Outsourced Services16 kb

051 Medicines exported for profit or sold for profit12 kb

052 Agency Locum Doctor Spend18 kb

053 Under 16s Treated for Eating Disorders13 kb

054 Empty Properties owned by the NHS13 kb

055 Executive Board Members Resignation or Suspension13 kb

056 Drug Formulary and Wound Care Formulary42 kb

057 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment WEEE Tender14 kb

058 Discharges and Step Down Discharges to Residential or Nursing Homes14 kb

059 Policies and Board of Directors Minutes13 kb

060 Work Related Trips Abroad14 kb

061 DNAs12 kb

062 Government Procurement Cards GPC Visa purchasing cards13 kb

063 Maternity Care19 kb

064 Babies Born Under 24 weeks14 kb

065 A&E department attendances and staffing levels19 kb

066 Digital Mammography Equipment13 kb

067 Overseas Patients14 kb

068 Infection Control MRSA Screening14 kb

069 IT Budgets and Spending for 2009/10 and 2010/1125 kb

070 Gifts or hospitality received from drug companies16 kb

071 Details of the usage of IT systems142 kb

071a Details of the usage of IT systems follow up question152 kb

072 Food Procurement14 kb

073 Elective and Trauma Orthopaedics surgery and site infections28 kb

074 Software used for recording Patient Experience16 kb

075 Patient Falls22 kb

077 Neonatal Unit Survey44 kb

078 Spend on specialist equipment and furniture for obese patients44 kb

079 Incidents of breaches of patient confidentiality on a Social Networking site66 kb

080 Number of surgical procedures carried out laparascopically32 kb

081 Survey of extravasation incidents for cancer patients25 kb

082 Contact details for Estates and Facilities13 kb

083 Catering budget for patient meals and Executive Expenses13 kb

084 Senior Trust staff contacts update14 kb

085 Maternity Funding16 kb

086 Senior Trust staff contact for Estates and Facilities dept12 kb

087 Cancer Drug Fund Applications14 kb

088 Breaches of the Data Protection Act DPA13 kb

089 Provision of Uterine Artery Fibroid Embolisation for the treatment of women with fibroids25 kb

090 Information Governance staffing22 kb

091 Agency costs for clinical staff and cost of cancelled outpatient appointments14 kb

092 Number of multiple births in the last three years15 kb

093 Use of DePuy ASR hip replacement units13 kb

094 Funding and staff time given to trade union duties27 kb

095 Age of the youngest person to have received bariatric surgery13 kb

096 Pressure ulcers21 kb

097 Planned expenditure on Medical Equipment for 2011/1212 kb

098 Certification against ISO27001 BS7799 Information Security33 kb

099 Neonatal Unit Survey additional question14 kb

100 Clinical Laboratory Information and Management Systems Pathology95 kb

101 Clinical Laboratory Information and Management Systems Pathology13 kb

103 Details of pest control contract13 kb

105 Access to Medical Records22 kb

107 Information processing38 kb

108 Surgical microscopes17 kb

109 IT and Procurement contact details13 kb

110 Contact details for Director of Infection Control12 kb

111 Redundancy payments15 kb

112 Medical gasses14 kb

113 Paediatric ventilators12 kb

114 Estates and facilities management12 kb

115 A&E admissions due to firework injuries13 kb

116 Sleep apnoea21 kb

117 Rheumatology24 kb

118 Spend on translation services14 kb

119 Car park charges14 kb

120 VTE venous thromboembolism13 kb

121 Hospital acquired infections and bed occupancy rates19 kb

122 Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy IMRT32 kb

123 Bed numbers12 kb

124 Private sector income13 kb

125 CQUIN Schemes770 kb

126 Joint Replacement information14 kb

127 Maternity services26 kb

128 Fertility guidelines13 kb

129 Intra Uterine Devices2612 kb

131 VTE Prevention86 kb

131 VTE Prevention Questionnaire 201185 kb

132 Expenditure Monitoring Doctors EWTD13 kb

133 Nurses Country of Qualification17 kb

134 Spend on Translation14 kb

135 Overseas Recruitment Campaigns14 kb

136 Doctors and Nurses Country of Qualification22 kb

137 Agency Nurse and Doctor Spend0 kb

140 Biologic Treatment20 kb

139 ICT Telecoms Contracts19 kb

140a Biologics Usage19 kb

141 Stryker Trolleys12 kb

142 Power Usage Effectiveness PUE13 kb

143 IT Systems Used and Contacts27 kb

144 Changes to Medicine Bed Numbers13 kb

145 Linear Accelerators13 kb

147 Venous Thromboembolism13 kb

148 Charges for NHS Treatment for People Visiting the UK14 kb

149 Patients Not Entitled to NHS Care13 kb

150 Temporary Staff and Budget Holders56 kb

151 IT senior staff21 kb

152 Private Income Generated13 kb

153 Intensive Care Units13 kb

154 Spend and Use of Paint in the Hospital13 kb

155 Money Owed for NHS Treatment14 kb

156 Renal Unit Software12 kb

157 GP Referrals for ECG Tests27 kb

158 Staff contact names13 kb

159 Language Clinical Skills13 kb

160 Contact Names21 kb

161 Trust Staff Contact Names13 kb

162 Staff Contact Names12 kb

163 Trust Staffing Levels13 kb

164 Trolleys used in MAU and SAU14 kb

165 Diabetes20 kb

166 WHO surgical safety checklist15 kb

167 Staff band seven and above242 kb

168 Theatres information22 kb

169 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit NICU Bed days20 kb

170 Urinary incontinence26 kb

171 Compensation paid13 kb

172 Cost of missed appointments13 kb

173 Age Related Macular Degeneration ARMD and Cataracts18 kb

174 Spend on locums and agency32 kb

175 Perimortem Retrieval of Sperm13 kb

176 Childcare voucher scheme13 kb

177 Neonatal Cots and Enterobacter Cloacoe22 kb

178 Wound care formulary111 kb

179 Rheumatoid arthritis47 kb

180 IT infrastructure12 kb

181 IT senior staff contacts13 kb

182 Adverse incidence never events16 kb

183 Reducing the cost of prescribing14 kb

184 Invoices for Patients Not Entitled to NHS Care14 kb

185 Fitness centres12 kb