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Requests and responses 2012

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Please be aware that, although the information in these pages was accurate at the time of publishing, it may not be now and should not be relied upon.

204 Confidentiality and Data Breaches17 kb

205 Cataract Operations18 kb

206 Staff Pay Budgets and Headcount17 kb

207 Contact Names12 kb

208 SIs Never Events and RIDDOR20 kb

209 WHO Surgical Safety Checklist13 kb

210 Clinical Commissioning Groups22 kb

211 Building Office Space30 kb

212 Agency Spend Therapy Services15 kb

213 IVF Treatment Private Charges13 kb

214 Hepatitis C Protocols22 kb

215 Industrial Action Effects29 kb

216 Maternal Deaths Response14 kb

217 Overseas Testing of Blood Samples13 kb

218 Policy for Disclosure of PII12 kb

219 Retention and Disposal of Human Tissue15 kb

220 Lone Worker Devices13 kb

221 Agency Locum Spend33 kb

222 ICT Server and Virtualisation Contract15 kb

225 Losses and Special Payments14 kb

226 Complaints with the Maternity Unit15 kb

227 Bariatric Beds and Recruitment Costs40 kb

228 Number of Still Births14 kb

229 Number of Elective Procedures and Average Waiting Times17 kb

230 Joint Ventures and Partnerships12 kb

231 Contact Names13 kb

232 MME Healthcare13 kb

233 Patients Entering A&E with Siezures14 kb

234 Maternity Statistics45 kb

235 Data Warehouse19 kb

236 Prescribing Formulary20 kb

237 Hernia Repair Procedures18 kb

238 Cataracts Glaucoma and Age Related Macular Degeneration ARMD22 kb

239 Hospital Beds and Ward Staffing Levels and Shifts45 kb

240 Agency Locum Spend13 kb

241 Contact List Update14 kb

242 Delayed Transfer of Care53 kb

243 Hepatitis B Protocols21 kb

246 Maternity Units and Bed Occupancy17 kb

247 Solicitors Working in the Trust13 kb

248 PBX and VOIP Maintenance Contracts20 kb

249 Private Patients on NHS Lists12 kb

250 QIPP Plan and Savings14 kb

251 Parking Facilities and Security14 kb

252 Pest Control34 kb

253 Redundancy Payments14 kb

254 Personal Injury Law Firms16 kb

255 Babies Born with Addictions14 kb

256 Necrotising Fasciitis25 kb

257 Prescribing and Wound Care Formulary113 kb

259 Compromise Agreements14 kb

260 Agency Spend13 kb

261 Vascular surgery13 kb

262 Foreign Nationals declined treatment17 kb

263 Patient Discharges between11pm and 6am12 kb

264 Emergency Readmissions and Loss of Income13 kb

265 Consultants Contracts15 kb

266 ICT and Estates Strategy20 kb

267 Prescribing Rebates38 kb

268 Agency Dr Locum Spend and Structure207 kb

269 Public Finance Initiative PFI schemes12 kb

270 Paediaric Speech and Language Therapy14 kb

271 Agency Spend17 kb

273 Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy12 kb

274 IT Structure187 kb

272 Outpatient Appointment Letters12 kb

275 Drugs Prescribing Formulary13 kb

276 Trust Secretary12 kb

277 PBX and VOIP Maintenance Contracts15 kb

278 Bed Shortages13 kb

279 Year End Accounts and Costs15 kb

280 Pre Registeration Pharmacist Training14 kb

281 ICT Mobile Phone Contract17 kb

283 Patients with Newly Diagnosed Cancer14 kb

284 Paediatric SLT & Occupational Therapy0 kb

285 Guillan Barre Syndrome13 kb

286 Euro and Non Euro Patients Treated13 kb

287 Infection Prevention and Control Staff13 kb

288 Board Papers13 kb

289 Sickness Absence Policy13 kb

290 Patient Transport27 kb

360 Appointment Reminder System23 kb

361 Alcohol Related Admissions17 kb

362 Overseas Patient Debts14 kb

363 Medicine Prescribing Formulary28 kb

364 Staff Sickness14 kb

365 Cost of Works of Art12 kb

366 Medicines Management15 kb

368 Hotel Accommodation Booked for Patients13 kb

369 Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT)41 kb

374 Type of Budget12 kb

375 Accident and Emergency Paediatric Services14 kb

291 Vaginal Birth Following C Section15 kb

292 IT Structure179 kb

293 IT Hardware Maintenance17 kb

294 Rheumatology Protocols21 kb

295 Contraception Services in Schools13 kb

296 Procedures Performed Overseas13 kb

297 Staff Who are Over 55 Years of Age12 kb

298 Hotel Accomodation for Patients12 kb

299 Private Medical Treatment for Staff12 kb

301 Data Storage Outside of the UK13 kb

302 LAN Maintanance14 kb

303 Clinical Systems Messaging25 kb

304 Cancer Drug Funding18 kb

305 Refuse Collection13 kb

307 Hand Decontamination Policy12 kb

308 Major Incident Planning14 kb

309 Complaints and Compliments18 kb

310 Complaints & Compliments by Department17 kb

311 Patients Treated, Complaints and Investment19 kb

312 Prone Surgery15 kb

313 Radiotherapy Equipment21 kb

315 IT Strategy and Spend17 kb

316 Clinical Paper Forms14 kb

317 Doctors Licensed to Practice13 kb

318 Advertisements in AE and Outpatients17 kb

320 Clinical Homecare Contracts12 kb

322 Refurbishments and Building Works21 kb

323 Waste Management and Single Use Items21 kb

324 Complaints and Hospital Activity18 kb

325 Anorexia Nervosa in the Under 18s19 kb

326 Private Healthcare12 kb

327 Private Treatment for Staff13 kb

328 Advertising Personal Injury Services13 kb

329 Hernia Repairs17 kb

330 Wrong Site Surgery13 kb

331 Facilities Management17 kb

332 EPR EHR EMR IT Systems13 kb

334 Drug Usage and Staff Numbers22 kb

335 Epilepsy Services15 kb

336 Post Operative Patient Information13 kb

337 Doctor and Nurse Numbers and Vacancies180 kb

338 Missed Outpatient Department Appointments and Costs14 kb

339 Early Retirement and Redundancy14 kb

340 Deceased Patients with No Known Next of KIN14 kb

341 Structure Charts for Human Resources and Finance Department415 kb

342 Subject Access Requests17 kb

343 Glide Sheets Purchased14 kb

344 Management Consultants16 kb

345 Staff Salaries Spend and Vacancies37 kb

346 Employees Transfered to the Private Sector12 kb

348 Facilities Services14 kb

349 Charitable Donations14 kb

350 Staff Disciplinaries and Union Members13 kb

351 Delayed Discharges for Patients over 7518 kb

352 Accounts Staff13 kb

353 Procurement Submission13 kb

354 Trust Lung Cancer Lead12 kb

355 Trust Spend on Toilet Paper and Paper Hand Towels13 kb

356 IT Systems and Number of Employees13 kb

357 Accident and Emergency Department Closures Information21 kb

358 Patients Treated with Biologics28 kb

359 Agency Locum Spend23 kb