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New baby bereavement group

21 February 2019

A new bereavement group is now available for families of stillborn babies and early infant loss (SAILS).

SAILS takes place on the third Friday of every month between 7pm - 9.30pm at St Augustine's church hall in Thorpe Bay.

Barbara Black, Bereavement Co-ordinator at Southend University Hospital, set up the group having been deeply moved by a couple of news items concerning stillborn births and early death babies.

Barbara recalls: "I read a story called 'I lost my baby - please ask me his name'and then I watched a TV programme calledChild of Mine; I was so moved I wanted to help those who have suffered the loss of their babies."

Supporting Barbara with expert help and guidance is Amanda Cushing, a Bereavement Support Midwife at Southend University Hospital. Amanda is mainly based in the Delivery Suite but also works across the community, from Canvey to Great Wakering, supporting families who have gone through the loss of their baby.

Amanda said: "I'm a midwife by trade and I'm also a bereavement counsellor and volunteer for Fairhavens.  So I will be bringing these skills to the SAILS group. The group enables bereaved people to meet others going through similar situations and it would help them feel less alone."

If you wish to know more about the SAILS group please call Barbara on 07969 099396 or email her at  barbarablack29@gmail.com .

PICTURED (l-r): Barbara Black, Bereavement Co-ordinator and Amanda Cushing, Bereavement Support Midwife