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Britannia Park Refurbishment

27 February 2019

Work is underway to bring some of the corporate services teams across our hospitals group together at a single hub at Britannia Park.

This week marked the start of refurbishment works on site, in preparation for the first set of teams moving in during Spring. The first phase of work, in Units 12-13, will involve removing carpets and some walls on the ground floor.  Design layouts detailing the improvements will be available soon. 

The work will be done in 4 phases and is expected to be complete by August 2019.

If you're a member of the corporate services team and you'd like to drop in to the Britannia Park Hub for a quick tour with a Southend colleague, you can contact corporate.programmeteam@southend.nhs.uk 


Preparing for the refurbishment

Before 1

Before 2


Week 1

Week 1 - 1

Week 1 - 2

Week 1 - 3