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07 February 2019

Hospital Heroes

The latest winners of our monthly Hospital Heroes awards are Dr Andres Gal (Orthopaedic Speciality Doctor), Julie MacDonald (Maternity Support Worker) and the Trauma & Orthopaedic Team.


Andres Gal, Orthopaedic Speciality Doctor

Nominated by Kelly Moore, Medicine

Nominator, Kelly Moore, a modern matron in medicine, said: "Dr Gal went above and beyond to support a member of our Medicine Team who is sadly under palliative care. Our nurse had been waiting for a PICC line and was struggling to receive her required chemotherapy due to difficult access issues. I feel this was a perfect demonstration of our Trust values of working together, and care with compassion.

"Without a second thought, and in his own time, following a busy clinic, Dr Gal came back to CMDS to insert the line. This line ensures that our nurse will receive her chemotherapy to hopefully enjoy the limited time she has left with us.

"When I sent an email to thank him for his support and act of kindness, his reply demonstrated the most sincere humility and compassion. He is the perfect example of what we all strive to be and how collaborative working across directorates is of benefit to all."

IMAGE BELOW (l-r): Non-executive Director, David Parkins, presents Dr Gal with his certificate.

HH monthly winners - Andres Gal


Julie MacDonald, Maternity Support Worker

Nominated by Ruth Cozens, Maternity

During a routine postnatal visit Julie identified that the mother was experiencing extreme mental health symptoms. Julie escalated her concerns to a community midwife and remained with the mother to offer support.

This episode of care extended as the mother was transferred to ED via ambulance. Julie and a midwife accompanied the mother and her baby. Julie remained with the mother in ED and acted as an advocate, ensuring the mother was not discharged home, as was the initial plan.

Julie escalated to the CDS co-ordinator and gained support and admission for the mother and baby. The outcome was positive and the mother was discharged home two days later, acknowledging the fantastic care and support she had received. The mother also stated that the fact she was listened to and believed made all the difference.

Julie maintained a close professional relationship during the entire care episode demonstrating high levels of care and compassion.

Julie communicated effectively with several senior clinicians to ensure the correct care pathway was achieved. Julie liaised with her team and the CDS co-ordinator effectively.

Although not a registered midwife, Julie practised above her role to advocate for a vulnerable woman.

IMAGE BELOW: Non-executive Director, David Parkins, presents Julie with her certificate.

HH monthly winners - Julie Macdonald


Trauma & Orthopaedic Team

Nominated by Sherrie Tucker, Theatres

Dr Lucy Coward, Director of Medical Education received a letter from the Royal London Hospital Orthopaedic and Trauma Society, announcing that Southend University Hospital has been voted the 2018 Training Hospital of the Year.

Dr Coward said: "This is a wonderful achievement by the Trauma and Orthopaedics team and I wanted to congratulate and thank you personally for your contribution to the excellent teamwork that has made this possible.

"We all recognise that getting the balance between service delivery and training opportunities can be a real challenge but it is clearly one that the Orthopaedic Department have mastered!

"This is for the whole team for recognition of hard work and support given."

IMAGE BELOW: Trauma & Orthopaedic Team

HH monthly winners 1week-06-02-19