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LGBT+ group officially launches at Southend

24 January 2019

Southend University Hospital’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transsexual Plus group (LGBT+) held their official launch day on Monday 21 January.

The event was attended by representatives from across the hospital's diverse workforce and the day covered a range of topics including HIV awareness, unconscious bias and freedom to speak up guardians.

The LGBT+ group aims to build a comprehensive support system for staff at Southend through a strong, comfortable and trusting group that makes a real difference. They also aim to educate managers and staff on LGBT+ issues and how to support their colleagues and patients. The group will look to build links with similar groups in the wider community and help develop policies and guidelines that address and advise.

Louise McIver, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, said: "For those of us who are not part of the LGBT+ community, it's our role to listen and learn from our colleagues' experiences. It's our responsibility to recognise our bias, understand our privilege, and change our behaviour accordingly".

The LGBT+ group is for everyone - any member of staff could be working alongside colleagues who identify as LGBT+ and not be aware that you might be in a position to improve their working environment. 

Denise Townsend, Director of Nursing, added: "The event was fantastic and a lot of thought and effort went into the planning and running of the day. I gained plenty of insight from the sessions that I attended and I'm sure many others will."

Anyone interested in becoming a part of the LGBT+ group can email Louise McIver at louise.mciver@southend.nhs.uk