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Afternoon tea and awards to thank staff with 30+ years' service

22 August 2018

A special afternoon tea was held in the Education Centre canteen to celebrate the long service of staff from across the hospital.

Managing Director Yvonne Bl├╝cher and Chairman Alan Tobias OBE were also in attendance to congratulate and thank staff with 30+ years' service and present commemorative awards to staff with 40+ years' service.

Several staff members cited the community spirit and friendliness within the Trust as important reasons for continuing to work at the hospital. Other important factors included the Trust's values of working together and care with compassion - doing the best we can for our patients.

Angela Taylor (below), a stoma care nurse specialist based in the colorectal team, said: "The afternoon tea idea is brilliant. I've been so happy at Southend Hospital - I loved doing my training here and everybody is so friendly and supportive. I work with a lovely team and every day I want to be here. I'm possibly thinking of retirement in the next year or so and I will probably still come back for a couple of days a week because I would miss coming in!"

Afternoon tea - Angela Taylor

Lloyd Duckworth (below), Medical Equipment Technician, added: "When I finished my apprenticeship at Southend Council there was an opening to start at the hospital. I just thought I'd stay and get some experience before moving on to bigger pastures, but I really enjoyed the company of people and the challenging environment. You see all aspects of health and it's been really fascinating and interesting in terms of my skills and development. There is a real community feel about Southend Hospital and everybody accepts each other no matter what role you are whether porter to executive.  There is a kind of bonding that goes on, that we are all in this together, to care for patients."

Afternoon tea - Lloyd Duckworth

Staff with 40+ years' service are:

  • Helen Gush
  • Karen Kinnear
  • Juli Fowles
  • Jane Kirk
  • Androulla Sariyiannis
  • Lilian Bernard
  • Michael Donaghy
  • Jacqueline Shepherd
  • Lloyd Duckworth
  • Janet Harris
  • Angela Taylor

Stephanie Wilson, Employee Retention & Engagement Programme Manager, said: "Recognising the experience and achievements of our long serving staff is important to the Trust. Celebrating their achievements along with their line managers and our Chairman and Managing Director provides an opportunity to thank our colleagues personally for their loyalty and commitment to Southend Hospital."

Afternoon tea - group