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Our Temporary Staffing service is changing…

30 May 2019

The way our Temporary Staffing service is managed is changing across Basildon, Mid Essex and Southend hospitals.

The goal is to make it easier for managers to access a shared pool of temporary staff across our hospital group, with an improved set of policies and procedures for all our temporary staffing needs.

To make these changes happen, the service will be provided by one consolidated, in-house Temporary Staff team, covering all three hospitals, based at Britannia Park in Southend.

It will take time to reach our end goal, but implementation has been carefully planned to ensure minimal disruption to the Temporary Staffing service. Initially, at the beginning of July, only non-medical temporary staffing for Mid Essex will move over to the new centralised service. This will be followed by medical staffing at Mid Essex and non-medical and medical staffing at Basildon later this year.

Bringing the service in-house will be more efficient and give us greater control. Managers will have access to a greater pool of people to fill shifts because temporary staff will be able to work at any of our three hospitals via a streamlined internal passport process. Having the ability to work across our hospitals gives our temporary staff more opportunities and greater flexibility.

"It is a significant change, but one we must make," said Danny Hariram, Chief People and Organisational Development Director. "We need to work smarter and more efficiently across our hospitals. Having one, quality temporary staffing service in place will help teams in quickly getting the right people, with the right skills, so they can focus on delivering the highest quality care to our patients."

We will continue to update any affected staff in the lead up to the changes.

If you have any questions, please contact Group.TemporaryStaffing@southend.nhs.uk.