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Outpatients Insights app tells us how we’re doing

02 September 2020

The Outpatients Insights app that launched in July is providing clinical and operational leaders with a detailed view of the trends in the outpatient activity and productivity, as well as identifying improvement opportunities across our Trust.

The app is the first of three new apps to launch which will help us better understand our productivity and efficiency, as well as any variations in services across our sites. The TheatresInsights app and Inpatients Insights app will be rolled out next, from Monday 7 September, providing an even better understanding of our services.

Already proving valuable, the Outpatients app provided various reports to our Group Directors at their Efficiency Planning Session held last week.

Manu Sood, Group Clinical Director, Plastics, Burns and Dermatology, said"This is really powerful data. The sort of thing that our clinicians will want to know about, and all our consultants should get access."

Insights and Engagement leads from the Healthcare Analytics team are helping implement the new apps, ensuring teams understand the new tools and the benefits they bring.




Mid Essex


Insight and Engagement Manager

Gemma Wright



Gabriel De Souza


Insight and   Engagement Analyst

Duncan Stockwell


Victoria Edwards


Michael Leach



They have also identified and trained super-users within teams, who are on-hand to provide support, training and guidance. You can request a list of operational super-users from your Insight and Engagement leads.


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