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Overseas nurses tell us how they are enjoying life at Southend Hospital

07 March 2019

Last week, we featured the story of how, with a 95% success rate, Southend Hospital is amongst the best in the country for overseas nurses’ exam results. So far, 33 nurses from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, the Philippines and India have successfully completed the programme and are now working as registered nurses at the Trust. Here are some of their stories.


Renan Olisco, originally from the Philippines and now a deputy ward manager on Eleanor Hobbs Ward

"I've been a practicing nurse since qualifying in the Philippines in 2011. Nurses over there aren't well compensated and I saw the UK as a platform for me to practice my profession and develop my skills as well. I've been working at Southend since June 2017 and after almost a year of being a staff nurse I was offered promotion to deputy ward manager, the rest is history.

"I'm really well supported in my role. All the staff, doctors, HCAs, kitchen staff, really make you feel part of a team here, we are a family."



Olatunji Oluwatoyin Aderinola, originally from Nigeria, now a staff nurse on Blenheim Ward

"I've been a nurse for 12 years and was after a change of practice experience. It's been a real privilege to be here since last August.

"I struggled a bit initially because things are different from the way I'm used to practicing in my country but meeting the team I work with helped make things a lot easier.

"So far, I'm enjoying it. It's been great working at Southend University Hospital, it's very busy but I'm learning a lot, which I love. When you are busy learning it means you are improving your knowledge and you become a better person. I want to say thank you to everyone at Southend University Hospital. God bless you all."



Manilyn Briones, originally from the Philippines and now a staff nurse on Eleanor Hobbs Ward

"I've been a nurse for almost 13 years, before coming to the UK I was working as a nurse in Dubai, my specialised area is in infectious disease and Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU). For me, although it's a new country and a new environment, nursing is nursing.

"The main difference between the two countries I've worked in are the cultures, I feel the people here are very welcoming and very pleasant and thoughtful.

"My main reason for coming here was to provide a good future for my family and my daughter. At first it was so difficult being apart from one another, as we lived together in Dubai. This is our first time apart as a family but keeping in touch via video chatting has really helped. It means we can still communicate and it eases the burden of being away. I've found the transition fine; for me it has all been about my career growth and creating a better future."



Rakhee Ramchandran, originally from India and now a staff nurse on the Cardiac Care Unit

"I've been a nurse since 2015 and wanted to broaden my horizons as there are more opportunities in the UK. I'd never left my family before but felt that I couldn't just stay in one place. I needed to get out of my shell, to grow and discover new things. And that is what I'm doing here in Southend.

"I started at the hospital in March 2018 and it has gone really quick but I think that is because people have been really supportive.

"There has been lots of training on the ward and I'm really enjoying living in Southend. It is a lot more developed than my home town; it has everything you need and is nice being next to the coast."