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Patients’ Choice: who wins? You decide

09 August 2018

The annual awards evening for Hospital Heroes takes place on Friday 28 September, as part of the evening there is the always hotly contested Patients’ Choice award.

It is a very special award as it is both nominated by patients and voted on by them and the great Essex public. Voting for it is taking place here on the Southend Hospital website, across our Facebook and Twitter pages and through the Echo newspaper and its website.

Last year there were over 16,000 votes and, as ever, it is a fantastically difficult category to call and features three shortlisted nominees who would all make deserving winners on the evening. They can only win with your vote though.

You can make your vote here and voting closes at 9am on Tuesday 28 August, with the winner announced at the awards ceremony.

But, before you decide who gets your vote here are the Patients' Choice finalists for 2018…

Dr Thomas Keeble, Consultant Cardiologist

NR 56a (2018)

Dr Keeble received 29 nominations from members of the public, over half of the total nominations received in total this year, praising him for his outstanding care.

Below are some comments from the nominators:

"Following four cardiac arrests, caused by a heart attack, I first met Dr Keeble when I was in hospital. He has a fantastic bed side manner, takes time at appointments to listen and assess, and goes out of his way to be available to his patients.

"He demonstrates an understanding of how we feel, the overwhelming trials that we survivors face psychologically and emotionally as well as physically. I trust him, and feel safe in his care, and for me that's top of my list of wants about a Doctor."

"A true NHS superstar, one of a kind that has a heart of gold, thank you Doctor Tom."

"The hospital could benefit from hundreds of Doctor Keeble(s), FANTASTIC Man."

Of his nomination, Doctor Keeble said: ""It is an incredible honour to be nominated for the Hospital Heroes award from patients that I have treated, and I am grateful to all of them. I try to give each and every patient time to understand and explore their diagnosis, investigation and treatment options, being sensitive to the patient's opinions and getting the right tests and treatments for the right patient, and reassuring when I can. 

"I will continue to put the patient at the heart of everything that I do, developing innovative clinics and novel treatment pathways to those at the greatest need, trying to improve patient experience and quality of life."

Christina Kinsella, Physiotherapist

NR 56b (2018)

"I was a patient in the Balmoral ward late 2017 early 2018 and had my left leg amputated above the knee. It was the most traumatic time of my life. The staff from Balmoral Ward, from consultants, nurses, doctors to cleaners, catering staff and volunteer visitors were fantastic and I could have nominated so many of them.

"The person who has had the most profound effect on me has been Christina. I was in a horrible place during and after the operations, I was having terrible reactions to morphine and other painkillers, quite frankly I wanted to die. I was uncooperative with rehab staff, but Christina persevered and coaxed me out of my despair and made me want to recover and even dream of walking again.

"This has continued to this day at the walking clinic and it never ceases to amaze me how it works with all the amputee patients, particularly the senior patients.

"Christina communicates in a marvellously caring way and many patients feel the confidence to confide in her. She is simply a fantastic asset to Southend Hospital working in a role that is often overlooked. She should be immensely proud of herself as we are proud of her."

Discovering she had been shortlisted for a Patients' Choice Award, Christina said: "I am truly honoured and humbled to be nominated for this award. The real heroes are those experiencing the horrific life changing events of an amputation and it's the NHS team as a whole that support these patients."

Southbourne Ward

NR 56c (2018)

"I am the carer for my husband who has had repeated emergency admissions to Southbourne over the past five years.

"Each time he has been critically ill and had inpatient stays of varying lengths, all requiring high levels of care and attention. Some of the staff who were working on the ward from the outset of my husband's problems have now moved on but what has remained is the high level of care, the reassurance during desperately worrying times.

"Upon each admission, my husband has been greeted with kindness, as indeed have I. All members of staff have worked collaboratively with me as a partner in the care and recovery process. I am sure that this recognition has been instrumental in improving his health. Not only the above, we have been able to really engage, sometimes have a laugh and a hug when it all gets too much.

"A key, fundamental part of my husband's care is how he feels. He feels confident and in very safe hands in Southbourne and knows that everyone will do their level best to provide excellent and compassionate care."

Hearing about the nomination for the ward, Ward Manager Maria Webb said: "It's a real honour and I know this will really help boost morale as everyone works together really hard. We are a true team and I know I speak for every single member of staff on our ward - be it nurse, doctor, HCA, ward clerk or food stewards - when I say that it is great to be recognised by a relative for all the hard work we do. It really means a lot."