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Powerful workshops help teams to embrace change

10 July 2019

Leaders from Safeguarding, Occupational Health and HR have recently attended powerful new workshops aimed at helping teams to embrace change.

In advance of the trusts merging in 2020, Corporate Services teams from Basildon, Mid Essex and Southend hospitals are beginning to come together as single teams. It is a challenging process, with some staff moving offices and some changing roles. But it's also an exciting time, with teams collaborating to deliver smarter, more innovative ways of working that give the best services across our hospitals group.

Using a development technique called Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI), the workshops helped the leaders gain a deeper understanding of how change affects people in different ways. They learnt techniques for identifying strengths and overcoming difficulties, stress and conflict, to build an engaged and high performing team.

The workshops also highlighted the need for good communication, learning and development, and lifting the spirits of a team going through change. They looked at how leaders can become change advocates who lead the way in creating a shared vision, purpose and culture.

"Your success and sense of fulfilment isn't just about what you know, it's also about your relationships and interactions with others," says Paul Hodson, Associate Director for Safeguarding. "Understanding the need for a collaborative approach is where I found the workshop incredibly useful. We realised that our journey is something the whole team need to be involved in, and so our away day will allow all Safeguarding team members the opportunity to have a say in the direction we take," continued Paul.

"The day was a real eye-opener," says Sue Hillman, Head of Occupational Health. "Organisations change and evolve all the time, and if we want to succeed, it's important that we keep pace. Now we have sight of our shared purpose we can inform, engage and inspire colleagues to embark on our change journey with us."

Feedback confirms that the workshops are incredibly valuable. Further sessions are planned for Capital Estates, Infection Control and IT.

Occupational Health Workshop