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Raising awareness about sepsis

27 September 2018

It was World Sepsis Day earlier this month (13 September), an initiative of the Global Sepsis Alliance, and wards and departments across the Trust all joined in raising awareness about the causes and symptoms of this very serious and potentially deadly condition.

Sherri Bradshaw, Lead Sepsis Nurse, visited wards to speak to staff and raise awareness of sepsis, promoting good patient care and clinical practice. Nurses, doctors, rehab staff and domestics were all keen to play their part.

Sherri said: "What made the day a real success was how we engaged the staff when speaking to them and their willingness to promote sepsis within their units. I was there to answer any questions they had regarding our sepsis screening and treatment processes here at Southend.

"It is important that we are all more aware about sepsis and how serious it can be.  I would definitely advise people to make sure they know the signs and symptoms of sepsis and seek help if they are concerned about patients, themselves or a relative's illness. There are reliable sources for information on this for staff, such as the e-learning training package that can be found on the intranet, and the NHS and UK Sepsis Trust websites for public.

"The higher the suspicion the quicker people can act if they suspect they, or someone they know, may be suffering from sepsis - it could be life-saving."