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Trauma training for emergency nurses

18 March 2020

An innovative course has been designed and developed by two senior nurses at Southend Hospital’s Emergency Department.

The aim of this course is to improve care and treatment of patients who have experienced traumatic injuries.

The training covers physical as well as psychological care such as initial assessment and treatment of life threatening injuries, emergency blood transfusion, stabilising patients for transfer and teamwork.

It is the first programme of its kind in the region and will ensure that trauma teams are trained to level 1 standard and certified by the NELETN (North East London and Essex Trauma Network).

It will be an on-going course provided for all current and new nursing staff in the Emergency Department at Southend Hospital. The aim is to ensure all our staff are trained to the highest possible standard. It is hoped that the Trauma Training for Nurses will be open to Basildon and Mid Essex staff in the future.

Samantha Elden-Lee, Senior Advanced Clinical Practitioner, ED Southend said:"Communication is key to what we do and working as a close knit team that understands the demands of emergency care allows us to do the best we can for each other and our patients. This one day course is designed to bring everyone together and focus on how we can improve care, share expertise and improve the chance of survival for seriously injured patients."