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Our latest Hospital Heroes - Rhona Hayden and Sherri Bradshaw

25 May 2016

Hospital Heroes

Our latest Hospital Heroes are Nervecentre clinical lead and support nurses, Rhona Hayden and Sherri Bradshaw

The first phase of the Nervecentre project was to implement the system to record observations electronically on the wards, and both Rhona and Sherri have been imperative to its success. 

Their patience and resilience to ensure the Nervecentre project meets the needs of the nursing, medical and ancillary teams is second to none. The unprecedented engagement from staff and the speed of the project's implementation is duly a result of Rhona and Sherri's consistency and enthusiasm to upholding our trust values.

They have gone above and beyond, day and night, supporting both the technical members of the project team and the nurses on the wards to ensure that clinical safety and patient experience is top of everyone's agenda.

Rhona and Sherri were nominated by IT projects and transition manager, Keiran Donovan who said: "I cannot think of a better example of working across multiple teams and taking ownership of difficult decisions whilst ensuring patients are receiving the care they deserve.

"Rhona and Sherri have taken a huge leap out of their comfort zones and engaged in a very technological project to ensure the successful delivery of its first phase.

"I hope that our colleagues can use them as an example of what can be achieved when we work together."