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July's Hospital Hero - Linda Murray

01 July 2012

Hospital Heroes

Medical photographer Linda Murray found herself in front of the camera for a change after winning our July ‘employee of the month’ award. According to her sponsor, she absolutely epitomises our values: everybody matters, everything counts, everybody is responsible

Linda can be called to take her camera to any department of the hospital at any time of day and is unfailingly empathetic, caring and professional in any situation.

Her citation tells how 'Linda treats all patients with dignity and respect even when they are rude and dismissive to her. Every patient she photographs is treated as important.

'She is always ready to attend at the drop of a hat, has to deal with extremely distressing situations and works tirelessly to get the best images possible.'

Linda first came to the hospital back in 1983 on the Youth Training Scheme. She worked her way up from general admin work to a PA in the Trust offices before deciding to earn a living from her hobby.

Typically self-effacing, Linda paid tribute to her colleague Dave Bowden for his guidance and support, adding: "I was shocked to receive the award. There are so many staff who deserve it. I have a few in mind now to nominate myself."