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Our latest Hospital Heroes - emergency department and associated specialties

26 May 2016

Hospital Heroes

Our latest hospital heroes are the emergency department team and associated specialties.

Care with compassion, working together, professional and accountable - our values resonate strongly with our emergency department and various specialties around the hospital who all worked as one to manage several casualties following the breakout of a fire in a block of flats in Westcliff.

On the day of the incident there were particularly high number of patients coming into the emergency department with resus and majors working at near full capacity for the majority of the 24 hour period.

As the severity of the incident became clear, numerous areas of the hospital came forward to support the emergency department. Each specialty worked together as a single team to ensure effective patient care was delivered, embodying our values and demonstrating excellent clinical teamwork and leadership.

Emergency department consultant, Dr Dalip Kumar, who was the clinical lead on the evening of the incident, said: "I want to acknowledge the whole of the emergency department team and specialities working that night for their hard work, dedication and professionalism.

"The response of the emergency department team, HCAs , porters, reception staff, radiographers, lab technicians and all those who were supporting us at that time was fantastic. The on-call medical, surgical, paediatric, intensive care and obstetrics teams, the site managers and senior manager on call - I want to thank you all.

"Your collective team efforts helped us work as one to achieve our common goal of effective patient care, a great thing to admire about the NHS and our hospital."