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Our latest Hospital Heroes - security team

03 August 2016

Hospital Heroes

Our latest hospital heroes are Security Officers Sierra 2 and Sierra 10.

Our Security Officers are a vital part of the team at Southend University Hospital, working closely alongside our wards and departments and often dealing with very difficult circumstances.

Their collective commitment to our values in assisting a very distressed patient on Eastwood ward whose phone had been taken by a man she did not know is the reason for their nomination.

The Security Officers on duty were informed by ward staff and worked together, going above and beyond their expected roles, to track down the phone's whereabouts using CCTV. They discovered it had been tossed into a bin outside, so one of the guards emptied the bin to retrieve the phone before ensuring it was properly cleaned and returned to the distressed patient who was incredibly grateful.

The team was nominated by Security Services Manager, Michael Ross, who received an email from Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Miss Nidhi Tripathi, praising the team for their exemplary professionalism.

"I was witness to the event as the phone was returned to the patient on Eastwood ward after one of the Security Officers cleaned it with Clinell wipes. In my opinion they not only did their duty but went over and above and also maintained the hospital infection policy.

"I was very impressed by their professionalism."