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October's Hospital Hero - Lesley Marriott

01 October 2012

Hospital Heroes

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Sorting out the work rotas for more than 60 junior medical doctors is the stuff of nightmares. But Lesley Marriott has got it down to a fine art. And the care she takes to ensure everyone is happy does not go unnoticed : Lesley was nominated for our 'Hospital Heroes' (employee of the month) award by two of the doctors themselves who praised her helpful, friendly way of working and unflappable nature.

Her role, they acknowledged, was a 'thankless but absolutely vital task' which had been particularly challenging during a recent prolonged spate of multiple absences on the medical rota.

They added: "Without Lesley, patient safety would be compromised enormously and on a regular basis. She coordinates all the junior doctors' leave to maintain adequate staffing levels on the shop floor and treats staff of every level with respect, always listening to concerns and acting on them."

The doctors also appreciated the considerate way Lesley treats each doctors as an individual, taking into consideration distribution of work load and personal duties before allocating shifts.

Self-effacingly Lesley said: "It is quite challenging at times but it is all about forward planning - although naturally there are always the unavoidable last-minute absences. I always try to use our own doctors for cover as they are familiar with the hospital and other staff, rather than get a locum in. And the doctors themselves are very helpful - it is all down to teamwork."