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January's Hospital Heroes - Bedwell ward nursing team

29 January 2014

Hospital Heroes

January's Hospital Heroes are the Bedwell ward nursing team.

Bedwell is one of two oncology wards in the hospital and one of their specialisms is end of life care.  Recently one of their patients wanted to get married; ward manager Andrea Turner and the nursing team had one hour's notice of the ceremony which was to take place on the ward. 

They wanted to make the event as memorable as possible, so with some help from the hospital restaurant the team managed to create a small wedding breakfast and a wedding cake. They also made some decorations from very limited resources.

Sadly the patient died two days later, but his wife wrote a letter to Andrea and the nursing team to tell them what a huge difference they had made and to thank them for their efforts.

The team are now creating a 'wedding box' which will include items such as decorations and flowers so that they are prepared for future short notice weddings.

The nursing team on Bedwell encourage patients' families to visit their loved ones on the ward. This can be especially difficult and scary for young children, so Andrea and the team set about looking at ways to improve their experience. Thanks to some charitable donations the ward now has activity sets available for children when they visit both the oncology wards.

We only get one opportunity to support patients and their families when they are dying and we want to get it right. Andrea and the Bedwell nursing team are constantly looking at ways to make this experience as positive as possible by supporting the physical, psychological and social needs of patients and their families.