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June's Hospital Hero - Mary Burton

19 June 2014

Hospital Heroes

Mary Burton, ward clerk, Westcliff ward, nominated by Anne Groome, Westcliff ward manager.

Mary puts patients first and foremost and makes strides to enable the rest of her colleagues to do the same. She never forgets that no matter what the task there is a patient needing care at the heart of it. 

Mary provided much need support when the recruitment was taking place of a new ward manager and is credited with keeping the ward going. She was and still is relied on by all ward staff, including consultants. 

She went above and beyond by completing extra duties and organisation tasks on top of her day job. When the ward managers were appointed, she had prepared welcome packs for them with information on getting to know the staff and how the ward works. It is this kind of intuitive care for colleagues as well as patients that for which she has been recognised. 

Mary has never uttered the phrase 'that's not my job,' she is an advocate of change and progress and helps assist and support other colleagues. She was trained as a super user to implement Medway PAS and has trained ward clerks who start on the bank; she remains a frequent point of call for other ward clerks and senior managers around the hospital. 

Her nomination states: "She is a patient centred, kind, clever lady who is a huge asset to the hospital and integral to the ward. We're lucky to have her."