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August's Hospital Hero - Gemma Archer

19 August 2014

Hospital Heroes

August's Hospital Hero is employee relations advisor, Gemma Archer.

Gemma volunteered as a ward liaison officer during Perfect Week, an ambitious seven day exercise where hospital staff worked together to try a new approach to tackling delays in the emergency department.

She met the role head with enormous enthusiasm and was determined to go out and make a real difference during the week.

Gemma was extremely receptive to the needs of the staff on the wards she went to, and resolved many issues herself without escalation. Where she did escalate, she came having anticipated everything she might be asked and brought suggestions on how to resolve problems she wasn't equipped to solve herself.

Gemma, like many others, came from a non-clinical area to volunteer as a ward liaison officer and this in itself is going above and beyond, as working within a clinical area is challenging for those not familiar with the environment.  However, Gemma threw herself into it and really embodied the role, making a tangible difference to the areas that she had contact with.