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September's Hospital Hero - Yvonne Garcia-Nino

18 September 2014

Hospital Heroes

Our recruitment of Spanish nurses has helped many teams to support better patient care, but this month’s nomination recognises someone who has gone above and beyond to ensure those nurses are themselves supported.

Despite their highly regarded skills as nurses, coming to work in a foreign country is a massive step and Yvonne Garcia Nino has taken the time and trouble outside of her own role, and in her own time to ensure they settle here at Southend.

Because Yvonne speaks fluent Spanish, she had picked up issues from the Spanish nurses and, supported by the nursing team, has set up classes for them.

Whilst their level of English is without question Yvonne is tacking pronunciation and accents  - important when you consider one example of an issue- "Thursday" and "Thirsty"  - you will understand how important it is for our fantastic new nurses to be supported in this way.

Other support includes ensuring computer logins a work as there has been some problems with misspelt names and ensuring the nurses are able to get their competencies signed off to ensure they are able to practice fully on their wards.

Both Yvonne and her husband have been hosting the evening session for the nurses to help them learn more about the area and ensure they want to remain valuable members of the team here.

Her nomination states: "We are really privileged to have someone who has 'gone that extra mile' to help our colleagues so professionally."