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January's Hospital Hero - Marta Szczepaniak

28 January 2015

Hospital Heroes

January's Hospital Hero is Benfleet ward healthcare assistant, Marta Szczepaniak.

Marta was on a night shift and heading back to her ward after her break when she and a colleague were faced with a pregnant woman in labour by a lift.

The mother had initially gone into labour at home at around 10pm, but things progressed so quickly she was soon on her way to the hospital with her partner. The couple managed to make it to a lift before it became evident that the baby was on its way.

Marta went out of her way and out of her comfort zone, having never delivered a baby before. Her quick thinking ensured that the baby was delivered safely and that both mum and baby were fine when they got to the maternity ward. She even visited them before and after her shifts in the days following to check on their progress.

Marta was nominated by communications and engagement manager, Dean Newman, who covered the story for the hospital magazine,The Look.

"Having met Marta she has taken it all in her stride saying that she was only doing her job, even though it is something way above and beyond her role," he said.

"I love the fact that it just made her feel so proud as a mum, a woman and as a member of nursing staff at Southend Hospital. Marta well and truly puts the care in healthcare assistant."