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October's Hospital Hero - Nicola Sheppard

26 October 2015

Hospital Heroes

October’s Hospital Hero is heart and chest diagnostic test booking clerk, Nicola Sheppard.

Nicola's main role is to book appointments for patients that require diagnostic investigations in the heart and chest clinic. 

One afternoon Nicola contacted a patient to offer her an appointment for an echocardiogram; as the conversation progressed Nicola noticed the patient was incoherent and appeared confused. 

Nicola raised the alarm with another member of staff who called the patient back and agreed that something was not quite right. The manager of the diagnostic area was informed and an ambulance was requested as there was a concern the patient may be suffering a hypoglycaemia attack or a stroke. 

Shortly afterwards two members of clinic staff visited the patient's home to ensure everything was okay and discovered she was suffering from a hypoglycaemic attack. The clinic staff were able to treat and stabilise the patient, and as her condition improved the ambulance was cancelled.

Nicola was nominated by heart and chest clinic manager, Kristie Young and deputy manager, Marianne Fairhead who said: "Nicola clearly demonstrated the trust's values by taking the time to share her concerns, making sure the patient's care came first and taking responsibility in addressing the situation.

"She did extremely well to recognise that the patient was experiencing a medical problem. Her actions ensured the patient received the appropriate help."