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Hospital Heroes, December 2018: Paediatric MA/Typist Team

01 December 2018

Hospital Heroes

The winners of our Hospital Heroes monthly award for December 2018 is the Paediatric MA/Typist Team

The team were nominated for working collaboratively to turn the clinic dictation to proof reading time down to one week.  This is a massive achievement considering that when they moved over from tapes to digital dictation around three years ago, there was a three month lead time. 

For the last couple of years, the lead time has been around 4 weeks but with continued commitment they have cut this down to 1 week, a position they have not been in before.  The team have remained positive despite being affected by long-term sickness in the past and pulled together to ensure patients' needs are put first.  Being able to turn around letters quickly has a significant positive impact on patient care.