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Hospital Heroes, May 2019: Elaine Barradas, Nurse, Haemodialysis

01 May 2019

Hospital Heroes

The winner of our Hospital Heroes monthly award for May 2019 is Elaine Barradas, Nurse, Haemodialysis.

Nominated by: Jill Barrett, Haemodialysis Department

Elaine is a truly exceptional member of staff. Elaine was appointed the post of sister in charge of the dialysis at home programme in summer 2018.

The programme was is in its very infancy and it fell to Elaine to start, run and manage this new project. This innovative concept allows patients to reclaim their independence by enabling them to dialyse at home.

Elaine is in charge of the patients training which requires patience, experience and knowledge, but most importantly it relies on building strong patient relationships and trust, something she does effortlessly.

When speaking with the patients she has trained they cannot praise her enough.

They trust her implicitly, and recognise that she goes out of her way and puts in extra time to ensure her pts needs come first, complex problems are sorted out easily , nothing is too much trouble.

These patients are aware I have nominated her and will be only too happy to share their experience with you.

The home dialysis programme is now going from strength to strength thanks to Elaines hard work and effort.

The patients she is training will finally be able to lead a normal life with better energy levels and better blood results.

She truly is an unsung hero as many of her patients will agree.