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Hospital Heroes, October 2018: Julie Macdonald, Maternity Support Worker

01 October 2018

Hospital Heroes

The winner of our Hospital Heroes monthly award for September 2018 is Julie Macdonald, Maternity Support Worker.

During a routine postnatal visit Julie identified that the mother was experiencing extreme mental health symptoms. Julie escalated her concerns to a community midwife and remained with the mother to offer support.

This episode of care extended as the mother was transferred to ED via ambulance. Julie and a midwife accompanied the mother and her baby. Julie remained with the mother in ED and acted as an advocate, ensuring the mother was not discharged home, as was the initial plan.

Julie escalated to the CDS co-ordinator and gained support and admission for the mother and baby. The outcome was positive and the mother was discharged home two days later, acknowledging the fantastic care and support she had received. The mother also stated that the fact she was listened to and believed made all the difference.

Care and compassion - Julie maintained a close professional relationship during the entire care episode demonstrating high levels of care and compassion.

Working together:- Julie communicated effectively with several senior clinicians to ensure the correct care pathway was achieved. Julie liaised with her team and the CDS co-ordinator effectively.

Professional and accountable:- Although not a registered midwife, Julie practised above her role to advocate for a vulnerable woman.