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Hospital Heroes 2019, August: Danielle Haupt, Deputy Sister Critical Care Outreach Team

01 August 2019

Hospital Heroes

The winner of our Hospital Heroes monthly award for August 2019 is Danielle Haupt, Deputy Sister Critical Care Outreach Team.

Nominated by: Rhona Hayden, Theatres and Critical Care

Dani has been involved in a number of projects whose aim is to promote how the work of the Critical Care Outreach team (CCOT) is a voice for patient's relatives and staff. Concerns can be raised in relation to the care being delivered within the hospital. This has included the launch of the 'We're listening service' which will be widely publicised on all wards. This gives concerned patients and relatives a direct phone contact to CCOT in order that their concerns can be either responded to by the team or directed to the most appropriate person.

She has also launched the CCOT on twitter in order to share our good practice and learn from others.

Finally she has been instrumental in the development of the CCOT newsletter. This has been welcomed by ward staff; they have expressed willingness to shadow and learn from the CCOT in relation to the management the deteriorating patient.

Dani displays passion and commitment to the CCOT team and continues to be instrumental in the development of the service. Introducing successful practices form other areas that serve to improve the care we offer to our patients.

Due to the time constraints on the team whilst on duty Dani has completed the majority of this work in her own time.

How has this has been embedded and sustained in working practice?

The production of the 'we're listening service' leaflet.

The publication of the first CCOT newsletter soon to be followed by a joint CCOT and hospital out of hours News letter

The introduction of a dedicated email for patients staff and relatives to contact outreach and a newly created 'Twitter 'account.