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Hospital Heroes 2019, October: Dr Way Wong, Consultant, Rheumatology / Orthogeriatics

03 March 2020

Hospital Heroes

The winner of our Hospital Heroes monthly award for October 2019 is Dr Way Wong, Consultant, Rheumatology / Orthogeriatics.

Nominated by: Preshgena Sekaran

Dr Way Wong is a fantastic team member and lead of the orthogeriatric team. He goes above and beyond for his patients, juniors and colleagues. Dr Wong comes in on weekends when he isn't rota'd on to see patients. He has also been known to carry out maintenance jobs in the hospital so as not to bother anyone. He also always answers the phones at the main desk on the two orthopaedic wards.

He is very enthusiastic about his job and never seen without a smile on his face. He is one of the most approachable consultants I have ever met.

He is very thorough when reviewing patients. He takes every opportunity to teach juniors even when they are not part of his team.