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Hospital Heroes 2019, November: Becky Stephen, Metastatic Breast Clinical Nurse Specialist

03 March 2020

Hospital Heroes

Becky has taken over the care of patients with life limiting disease to try to enhance their quality of life and improve symptoms.

She spends many hours on the phone in order to prevent hospital attendances. She also spends a lot of time on the ward to ensure seamless services for patients who need to be admitted for symptom control. Her dedication to her patients is outstanding.

She rarely gets a lunch break and never finishes work on time.

Becky's post has come about to support the patients with metastatic disease, the support of which had been absent before she came to us. Now, breast cancer patients can be assured of support and information from their diagnosis, throughout treatment and then at recurrence if necessary. Becky works hard to be able to produce evidence that her role is worthwhile and necessary.

Becky has become an integral part of our CNS team, and we hope she gets support from us to, in order for her to function at the level she does.

Her easy communication manner gives patients the stability they need in life which is uncertain.