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Hospital Heroes 2020, January: Joe Leon, Laundry Porter

03 March 2020

Hospital Heroes

Joe is a well known staff member across the Trust, responsible for linen duties. This includes removing soiled linen and ensuring stock for all wards.

My relative who has some limited mobility was attending an appointment in the Trust and was unsure where the department was. My relative spoke highly of the "guy" who helped him and waited until my relative found his way.

I now know this to be Joe and I have since witnessed Joe, assisting many "lost" visitors/patents - and going out of his way to ensure they reach the right place.

Joe always appears very focused on his work, and ensures multi staff members do not need to hold doors open for him or are inconvenienced in any way.

I have asked many colleagues of varied Band roles their impression of Joe, and I have never heard any negative feedback. Indeed, he is polite and gives the occasional smile.

It is clear that Joe is focused and puts the needs of Wards to care for our patients first and we are lucky to have him employed in his role.