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06 July 2012


That’s got to hurt! 16-year-old Kurt Want finds out for himself just what some of us girls endure on a regular basis when he undertook a sponsored leg wax in aid of the Bosom Pals Appeal On The Road to fight breast cancer.

Kurt, a student at Fitzwimarc school, Rayleigh, was talked into offering up his follicles in the name of charity by neighbour Natasha Layzell, 39, (pictured) whose sister Sophie, 19, (also pictured) organised the event.

The women's mother, Janet, was diagnosed with the disease two years ago, and the family have raised thousands of pounds for the Appeal.

The trained beautician enlisted six brave - and hirsute - chaps who now have shins as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Sophie, who lives in Southchurch, said: "They thought a bit of Dutch courage would help, but judging from the screams, it didn't!"

The no-pain-no-gain approach raised £667 towards the Appeal, which needs to raise £500,000 to buy digital equipment for the mobile screening vans acrossSouth Essex.

The Appealwas launched last October to ensure women in southEssexget the same access to digital mammography as women screened at the hospital's breast unit.

It follows the hospital's successful £750,000 Bosom Pals Appeal, which has funded two digital mammography machines for the earlier detection of smaller breast cancers, as well as associated IT equipment for the hospital's breast unit.