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Minister to visit hospital

07 February 2012

Health Care

Minister for Public Health, Anne Milton MP will be visiting Southend University Hospital on Thursday, February 9 to see first hand the newly introduced ‘Care Rounds’ scheme.

Hourly care rounds have been brought in to ensure patients feel comfortable, well informed, cherished and supported throughout their stay. A nurse or health care assistant visits every patient in their area of responsibility every hour of the day to ask a range of questions designed to meet the patient's every need.

Sue Hardy, Southend's director of nursing, said: "We are delighted that Anne Milton will be visiting our wards to see how effective care rounds have been.

"Since the care rounds have been introduced we have seen a dramatic reduction in the number of times patients need to use their buzzer and nurses are feeling that they know their patients much better.

"In addition, there has been a reduction in the number of patients developing pressure ulcers, because we can give timely pain relief and foster a closer relationship with our patients. More face-to-face contact means better communication and keeps patients informed about their condition." 

Anne Milton MP commented: "I am looking forward to visitingSouthendUniversityHospitaland seeing the ways nurses are working to improve patient care."