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Bring a bulb day

26 March 2012


To mark NHS Sustainability Day of Action this Wednesday (March 28), Southend University Hospital is asking staff, patients and visitors to bring in a flower bulb or outdoor plant.

The idea behind Bulb Action Day is to enhance the hospital's green spaces, biodiversity and the health and wellbeing of all who come onto the Prittlewell Chase site.

But the focus is not just on flowering bulbs. Energy manger, Manoj Chohan, is also taking the opportunity to urge everyone to turn off light bulbs when not required.

He says: "Lights left burning in unoccupied offices, kitchens and other areas waste energy, shorten the life of the bulb and cost money. Here at the hospital, old light bulbs and strip lights are taken away by a licensed contractor and recycled under strict Government regulations - but we want them to have as long a life as possible before they are thrown out."

All flowering plants and bulbs brought in this week will be used in the hospital's green spaces planting scheme pioneered by 'green' champion, consultant anaesthetist Maggie Nicol. Maggie has already masterminded two eco-Sundays when staff and their families have come to the hospital to plant bulbs, hedging plants and saplings donated by The Woodland Trust in the grounds.

Maggie said: "As well as improving the site's biodiversity and creating a more attractive environment, the plants also provide shade, filter pollutants and help reduce traffic noise."

She and Manoj are already looking forward to helping to dig in the yield from this week's special appeal.

All bulbs and plants should be brought along on the day to the hospital's waste compound, next to the eye clinic, offCarlingford Drive, where they will be gratefully received.