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Baby Ruby couldn’t wait to be born

04 April 2012

Health Care

Mum-to be Christabelle Guichard had her week planned out with a visit to her midwife, and then a scan before her baby was due to be induced. But nine days before her due date, tiny Ruby decided she could wait no longer.

When the pains began to intensify, Christabelle, 21, called a taxi to go toSouthendUniversityHospital. But on the journey there the baby's head started to appear. Once in the hospital corridor, Ruby was born. Luckily Christabelle's partner's mother, Ruth McNelly, a healthcare assistant in the outpatients department, was there to help out. Staff immediately arrived with screens and took mum and baby, still attached, up to the post-delivery ward.

Ruth said: "Christabelle was so pale I was afraid she would pass out, so I forced her to the floor and caught the baby. When it happened, there was no-one at all around so I screamed and staff appeared from nowhere to help. They were all marvellous."

Christabelle, of Fraser Close, Shoebury, said: "I was in labour for hours with my son Riley so I certainly did not expect Ruby to be born quite as quickly as that!"