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New maxillofacial surgeon puts Ami back centre stage

11 May 2012

Health Care

A bony protuberance on Ami Hawthorn’s forehead was not only irritating and distressing, it was also interfering with her career as a professional singer.

The lump had continued to grow until it was about the size of a peach stone and was becoming more apparent - particularly beneath the stage down-lights.

Ami, 36, a mother of two young daughters of GlendaleGardens, Leigh, said: "It was getting bigger and bigger and people kept asking if I had banged my head. I was very conscious of it and used to play with it and make it red. I used to make sure my hair was pulled down to cover it."

Eventually she went to her GP who was not sympathetic. But Ami was adamant: "I have got a lot of living to do and should not have a bone growing out of my head. I wanted to know what my options were."

Ami, who sings with Army bands including the Welsh and Grenadier Guards under the stage name Ami Anders, was eventually sent for an X-Ray and CT scan. She was told surgery was a possibility to remove the osteoma but she would probably be left with a scar instead of the bump. Then she was told a new maxillofacial surgeon, Mr Vyomesh Bhatt, was soon to joinSouthendUniversityHospitaland was referred to him.

Mr Bhatt, who has recently completed an intense fellowship in maxillofacial trauma and deformity surgery inFreiburg,Germany, was able to remove the tumour using endoscopically-assisted surgery, making only a small incision on Ami's hairline so that no scar would be visible afterwards.

He said: "Why would Ami want a scar to get rid of the bump? It was perfectly possibly to remove it with minimum access."

Ami was allowed home the day after her operation and just over a week later was back on stage performing aSt George'sCay concert with the Band of the Grenadier Guards.

She said: "Normally the anaesthetic makes me sick, but not this time. And Mr Bhatt came to my bedside while I was still in recovery. He was amazing and has completely changed my life. I am no longer constantly pulling my fringe down over my forehead and feel much more relaxed. I would trust Mr Bhatt completely and recommend him highly - he was just brilliant. He put me at my ease and was absolutely charming and professional."