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Highly recommended – that’s Southend Hospital

23 July 2012

Health Care

Would you recommend your local hospital to friends and family? Patients at Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust would.

The Friends and Family test is designed to improve patient experience and care, and was launched in April, for all health care providers.

The test is based on the answers patients have given when asked the question, within 48 hours of receiving hospital treatment: "How likely is it that you would recommend this service to a friend or family?"

The score is a simple but effective measure of how a service is performing and is the percentage of those who would recommend the service minus the percentage of those who would not.

The results are published each month and shows Southend Hospital is performing above the regional average, with a score of 69 in June.

The trust was also identified last month as one of the top five most improved in the eastern region having increased its score by 24 points since the test was launched.

Chief executive, Jacqueline Totterdell said: "To have our patients say they would recommend Southend University Hospital to their friends and family is the ultimate accolade and we are delighted to have achieved a score well above the average for the region, and to be improving month on month.

"Every one of our patients is valuable to us and we naturally want them to have the best possible experience while they are in our care.

"This ongoing snapshot survey of patients' views is invaluable in pointing out where improvements need to be made so that more patients feel they could recommend us to those closest to them."