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Fighting fit this flu season

01 October 2012

Health Care

Staff at Southend University Hospital are gearing up for the fight against flu this winter, with just one week to go before the start of the main event.

Every year in the UK flu kills hundreds of people who are elderly, very young or weakened by illness. Most NHS staff are less at risk of serious harm from flu than their patients but they are still vulnerable.

From next week the Trust's occupational health team will host a programme of flu vaccine drop-in clinics for front line staff across the hospital, making it easier than ever to get the jab.

Director of nursing, Sue Hardy and medical director, Dr Grahame Tosh teamed up with staff from The Locker Room boxing gym to make sure this year's flu campaign packs a punch.

"We see thousands of patients every year and some of them are very poorly," said Sue. "I'm urging our frontline staff to get the vaccine and do all they can to reduce the risks of passing the flu virus to their families and colleagues, and crucially to their patients."

In addition to the drop-in clinics, senior nurses and matrons at the hospital are receiving special 'flu champion' training to allow them to vaccinate colleagues in their wards and departments.

Clinics will run until January, by which time the hospital aims to have vaccinated over 2,000 members of staff against seasonal flu.