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Southend Hospital ‘boxing’ clever in its fight against flu

13 October 2014

Health Care

It’s fighting talk at Southend Hospital as both frontline and behind the scenes staff are uniting as one to create the ultimate flu fighter as we race toward winter.

The hospital has produced a Rocky-style inspired video to push the message home that everyone at the hospital must work together as one to fight against the flu virus, get the flu jab and help beat the spread of flu.

All staff at Southend University Hospital are encouraged to have their flu vaccination to ensure that they stay healthy this winter.

Catherine Paget, head of occupational health, said: "Having flu is not like having a cold, it can last for at least a week if not longer; and it's easily spread with people passing the virus on to family, friends, work colleagues and patients. 

The best way people can protect themselves is by having the flu vaccination, - it's quick, it's simple, it doesn't hurt much and it can't give you flu. It targets those who are weakened and vulnerable, so it's crucial that the NHS does everything it can to keep the virus away from patients."

The short video, produced in-house by the hospital's communications team, was shot on location at The Locker Room in Southend, which is situated next door to Southend Central Station. The gym is no stranger to film crews as it recently featured in an advert starring Olympian, Daley Thompson.

Stepping into the ring as Sam 'The Southend' Slayer were gym members Samuel Burrdock, 26, from Southend, who is also a personal trainer, and Luke Cassar, 21, also from Southend, really relishing his role as Ivor 'flu' Bugg.

The gym's director, James Chisolm, explained why he was happy to help the hospital with the short film.

He said: "We've been part of the hospital's flu fighter campaign before and were happy to get even more involved this year. Health and well-being is always at the forefront of our mind here at The Locker Room so if we can help spread the word and raise awareness with this video then it can only be a good thing for a great campaign."