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Nursery children take Christmas cheer to patients’ bedsides

12 December 2012


An appeal to schoolchildren to help make Christmas cards for patients in Southend University Hospital brought a bumper postbag of colourful greetings.

Sackloads of cards festooned with cotton wool, glitter, feathers and frills have been arriving at the hospital to boost the output of the on-site Ladybird Nursery's own children. 

Hundreds of  cards were taken around the wards to give to patients who are spending the run-up to the big day in a hospital bed. 

Dressed as donkeys, angels, shepherds and even a Christmas pudding, the crocodile of children snaked its way around the hospital corridors, handing out the cards and singing Christmas carols.

Childcare business manager, Lisa Green, said the response to the appeal for cards to hand to patients had been overwhelming.

She said: "Altogether, we had about 800 cards to distribute - even more than last year. On behalf of our patients, we could like to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed their artistic talents to make this such a successful venture." 

With pic: Some of the Ladybird Nursery children prepare to make their postal deliveries on the wards.