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The Southend Lions Kings deliver DVD joy to children’s ward

23 December 2014


The Southend Lions Club helped deliver some joy to the children’s ward of Southend Hospital on the run up to Christmas in the form of nine brand new portable DVD players and 18 films.

The bundle of blockbusters included everything from Frozen and Ice Age 4 to Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and will provide hours or entertainment, and more importantly escapism, as Yvonne Curtis, a play specialist on the Neptune ward explained.

She said: "The one thing that children enjoy doing when they are in hospital is watching a film as they are often too unwell to do any strenuous activity.

"To be able to watch a film in bed is very relaxing for them and it is a great distraction for them and takes them into another world, only if it's for a couple of hours. And parents can sit and watch a film with them so this is a fantastic boost for the ward and the children."

Proudly presenting the films and DVD players to the ward Southend Lions President, Mike Gasper, said: "We are delighted to give these gifts at Christmas to children on the Neptune ward at Southend Hospital and are pleased they will make such a positive difference."