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Everybody Matters

25 February 2013


It is not something you can see and it is not something you can easily describe, but the culture of a place is certainly something you can feel.

When we talk about culture here at Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust we mean the ideas, beliefs and knowledge which make us behave the way we do.

In short it is our hospital values: Everybody Matters, Everything Counts and Everyone's Responsible.

This week marks a week-long celebration of those values for staff at the hospital called Everybody Matters Week, organised by more than 40 culture champions across the trust

Our values show us not only how we want to be treated but how we should treat each other and how collectively we are responsible for what happens in our hospital; we demonstrated this in our video - a vision of excellence at Southend Hospital

Over the next five days staff are being encouraged to learn more by visiting different departments to see what goes on across the organisation and the variety of jobs colleagues do with the aim celebrate Southend Hospital as one.

From operating theatres, occupational health and wound management to the trust board, laboratories and the IT server room, all sorts of departments across the organisation are inviting colleagues in for a behind the scenes look.

Chief executive Jacqueline Totterdell said: "With more than 4500 staff across our organisation, everybody really does matter in playing their part.

"Our values are not just something I believe in; when we developed them more than 300 members of staff were involved and told us that is how they feel too.

"Events like Everybody Matters week help us to adopt those values in our day to day business, right across the organisation, and making the cultural feel of Southend Hospital something which we can all be rightly proud of."

We're also taking this opportunity to ask our staff to make a pledge or join one of the Trust's existing pledges as part of NHS Change Day .