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Southend consultant champions fundraising appeal

08 May 2013


The harrowing plight of his fellow countrymen following last month’s factory collapse has moved Bangladeshi-born Southend University Hospital consultant Dr Imtiaz Ahmed to pledge his support.

The death toll following the tragedy near the capital Dhaka has now passed 700 with more bodies still being pulled from the rubble.

Dr Ahmed, consultant clinical oncologist, said: "This tragedy is the latest in the story of miserable labour conditions in Bangladesh."

He is working with the Dhaka-based charity SNEHA  to help provide long-term support to those affected by the disaster:

He said: "The biggest need is for long-term support for amputees and victims with spinal cord injury. Five hundred pounds could:

  • Sustain a family of five with basic food for 14 months
  • Provide specialist hospital care for a paralysed patient for 57 days
  • Teach 12 people a new life skill to allow them to earn a living
  • Care for and educate seven children for a full year


"No amount is too small, but time really is of the essence."

Donations can be made via www.snehafoundation.org/rebuild-rana-plaza-aftermath/