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Taking the plunge for patients

01 August 2013


Southend University Hospital’s own fearless five have just scaled new heights to raise money for better patient facilities.

The daredevil group dived from over 10,000 feet at up to 120mph to make a hospital visit easier for patients with learning disabilities. 

Associate business unit director for musculoskeletal services, Julie Lander and her colleagues Margaret-Ann Girvan, surgery general manager; PA Lydia Woods; information analyst Richard Draper and PA Nicola Carter, travelled to Beccles airfield in Suffolk to do the skydive - only to find the weather was against them.

Julie explained: "It was so cloudy we didn't actually jump until 36 hours later, so had to travel an extra 250 miles to go back the next day.

"Most of us ended up with neck ache as we spent most of the time gazing up at the sky waiting for a break in the clouds. But when we did jump the weather was fantastic."

She admitted they were all filled with trepidation at the prospect of stepping from a moving plane but the experience was 'exhilarating' and the views 'absolutely stunning'.

Julie added: "What makes it even better is that we raised a huge amount of money as well."

So far, they have collected more than £1,500 which will go towards improving communication with learning disability patients, their carers and families. One DVD is already being produced with others in the pipeline.


Anyone who would like to boost the fundraising can do so by visiting www.justgiving.com/Nicola-Carter8


With pic:Southend University Hospital's skydiving squad