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Stroke patients benefit from family’s gratitude

02 September 2013


After patient Sheila Pillinger received superb care on Southend University Hospital’s stroke unit before she died in May this year, her husband Trevor was determined to show the family’s gratitude. He handed over nearly £600 donated in Sheila’s memory to provide an iPad to help in other patients’ recovery.

Anna Allen, senior speech and language therapist, said: "It will be a great help as it is very user-friendly and can be used in a myriad of ways by the stroke rehabilitation team. With the help of various apps, therapists can use the iPad with patients as a visual aid to show mobility, cognitive, speech and swallowing exercises. The iPad can even become a mirror so that patients can monitor their own accuracy."

Other apps could be used to help improve understanding and to encourage problem-solving, Anna added. And a 'text-to-speech' app is to be trialled as a communication aid with patients who are unable to speak.

"The camera is an additional tool, so we can take pictures of everyday items and things which are of individual interest to the patient, making rehabilitation very personal.

"A major advantage of the iPad is that it is in such common mainstream use, so that those users with a disability can feel included in society.

"We are all very excited about this generous donation."

Trevor, from Westcliff, said: "Sheila was so well cared for on the unit, we just wanted to show our appreciation."


With pic: Dr Paul Guyler, lead stroke consultant; Trevor Pillinger,  Aarti Sharma, senior physiotherapist; Anna Allen, senior speech and language therapist and Lara Henry, senior occupational therapist