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World medical experts congregate in Southend

07 November 2013


Southend University Hospital will play host to some of the world’s leading brains on rheumatic diseases later this month.

The hospital is organising an International Symposium and Imaging Workshop on giant cell arteritis (GCA), polymyalgia rheumatic (PMR) and large vessel vasculitis (LVV) from November 22 to 24.

Among the top experts to be speaking during the scientific programme, being held at the Holiday Inn Airport Hotel, are Professor  Eric Matteson and Dr Ken Warrington from the mighty Mayo Clinic in the States, Professor Cornelia Weyand from Stanford medical school, Professor John Stone from Harvard medical school and Professor Wolfgang Schmidt from Berlin's medical centre for rheumatology. Other speakers will be flying in from Japan, Australia, Spain, Austria, Italy and Germany at what will be the largest academic event of its kind ever organised by the hospital.

On Saturday afternoon, the delegates will move to Essex University's Southend campus for a series of ultrasound and imaging workshops with input from the hospital's own sonographers, vascular radiologists, surgeons and rheumatologists.

Southend's head of rheumatology and director and research and audit, Professor Bhaskar Dasgupta, who is organising the weekend with Professor Matteson, said: "It really is a momentous achievement to bring so many international experts together for this high-ranking and influential symposium. We are extremely honoured to be playing host to so many renowned authorities on these distressing and debilitating conditions."

During the weekend, a video company will be recording a cutting-edge teaching tool to be used in education and professional training. An international panel will also be getting together to establish guidelines on the treatment of the conditions for adoption internationally.

Prof Dasgupta added: "This event has taken many hours of meticulous planning and I am delighted that it is now coming to fruition to put Southend University Hospital firmly on the map."