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Learning life support

04 June 2014


40 children from St Michael’s School in Leigh took part in a basic life support workshop run by staff from Southend University Hospital.

The year five kids learnt essential skills for performing hands only life support, they practised chest compressions on special dummies (Resus Annies) which could be used to keep someone alive if their heart had stopped working.

Consultant cardiologist, Dr Thuraia Nageh led the session and was joined by cardiac physiologists, Chloe Battle and Zoe Heath.

Together they also informed the children about how the heart works, pulse and blood pressure monitoring plus the use of pacemakers.

Dr Nageh, who has two children at the school, said: "It was a pleasure to run this workshop. I was very impressed by the pupils' enthusiasm and exceptional understanding of the skills required to perform effective life support.

"Basic CPR can and does save lives and one or more of these children may need to use it to do just that in the future!"

Pupil Isabel Perry said: "Thank you for preparing the workshop, I now know CPR. It will help me because if I see someone in need, I will be able to try and keep them alive."